Notice of Security Breach

Section 359-C:21

    359-C:21 Violation. –
I. Any person injured by any violation under this subdivision may bring an action for damages and for such equitable relief, including an injunction, as the court deems necessary and proper. If the court finds for the plaintiff, recovery shall be in the amount of actual damages. If the court finds that the act or practice was a willful or knowing violation of this chapter, it shall award as much as 3 times, but not less than 2 times, such amount. In addition, a prevailing plaintiff shall be awarded the costs of the suit and reasonable attorney's fees, as determined by the court. Any attempted waiver of the right to the damages set forth in this paragraph shall be void and unenforceable. Injunctive relief shall be available to private individuals under this chapter without bond, subject to the discretion of the court.
II. The New Hampshire attorney general's office shall enforce the provisions of this subdivision pursuant to RSA 358-A:4.
III. The burden shall be on the person responsible for the determination under RSA 359-C:20, I to demonstrate compliance with this subdivision.

Source. 2006, 242:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2007.