#138          State Plan Concerning Equal Opportunity in Apprenticeship

 #139          Ratio of Apprentices to Journeymen

 #140          Record Keeping in Apprenticeship Programs

 #141          Monitoring Related Theoretical Supplement Instruction

 #142          Apprentice Wages

#1109         Rules and Regulations Relating to Labor Standards for the Registration of Apprenticeship Programs - eff. 3-1-78

#l303          State Plan for Equal Employment in Apprenticeship and Training (eff 1-16-79)




        All rules expired.


#6364-A*   Adopt App 100 Apprenticeship Council Organizational Rules (eff 10-29-96)


#6364-B*    Adopt App 200-500  Apprenticeship Council Rules (eff 10-29-96)


#7098*       Amend App 303.03(a) Ratios (eff 9-18-99)


#7864-A*   Readopt w/amd App 201-216 Apprenticeship Council Practice and Procedure Rules (eff 4-1-03) (These Rules Do Not Expire, See RSA 541-A:17, II)


#7864-B*    Readopt w/amd App 217  Explanation of Adoption (eff 4-1-03) (These Rules have an 8-year Expiration)


#8202         INTERIM RULE - Readopt App 301-303.02, 304-310, 400 & 500 Apprenticeship Eligibility; Equal Employment Opportunity in Apprenticeship; and Program Registration (eff 11-13-04) EXPIRES: 5-12-05