The Industrial Development Authority was reorganized as the Business Finance Authority pursuant to 1992, 262:3, effective 5-15-92.  See filing index for the Industrial Development Authority for rules filed under that agency.


#5506         EMERGENCY RULE - Adopt Bfa 100-500 Business Finance Authority Rules (eff 11-19-92) Expires only pursuant to 1992, 262:14


#5533         EMERGENCY RULE - Adopt Bfa 201 & 202 General Procedures (eff 12-18-92) Expires only pursuant to 1992, 262:14


#5719         Adopt, Readopt w/amend Bfa 100-500 Entire Set of Business Authority Rules (eff 10-13-93)




        Pursuant to 1997, 329:12, adopting RSA 162-A:28, and 1997, 329:16, adopting RSA 541-A:21, I(u), effective 10-1-97, the Business Finance Authority became exempt from RSA 541-A and may adopt rules in accordance with its own procedures.  Pursuant to RSA 162-A:28, "Any rule adopted after the effective date of this section or any amendment or repeal of any existing rule shall be filed in the office of legislative services within 7 days of such adoption, amendment, or repeal."  Pursuant  to the exemption from RSA 541-A, the rules Bfa 100-500 filed under Document #5719 were not subsequently recorded by the Office of Legislative Services as expiring.