The Board of Fire Control, also known as the State Advisory Board of Fire Control, was established pursuant to 2012, 242:5, effective June 18, 2012, which repealed and reenacted RSA 153:5.  Pursuant to RSA 153:5, II, the Board is authorized to adopt rules pursuant to RSA 541-A governing its procedures of operation.  Pursuant to RSA 153:5, I, the State Fire Marshal, with the Board, may adopt rules, with the approval of the Commissioner of the Department of Safety, to amend the State Fire Code, and such amendments are exempt from RSA 541-A.


#10553-A* Adopt Bfc 100, 201-202, & 204-210 - Board of Fire Control Organizational Rules and Practice and Procedural Rules (eff 3-25-14) DO NOT EXPIRE


#10553-B*  Adopt Bfc 203 Procedure to Amend the State Fire Code (eff 3-25-14)