#5222*            Adopt Fors 100-500 Entire Set of Rules for Foresters (eff 9-11-91)

#6597*            INTERIM - Readopt Fors 100-500 Board of Licensure for Foresters Organizational and Administrative Rules (eff 10-8-97) EXPIRES: 2-5-98

#6876*            Readopt w/amd Fors 200-500 Rules of Practice and Procedure, Candidates for Licensure, Renewal, Continuing Education and Ethics (eff 10-28-98)

#6915*            Readopt w/amd Fors 100 Organizational Rules (eff 12-22-98)

#7575*            Amend Fors 302.02(c)-(f) Board of Licensing for Foresters Rules Regarding Experience Qualifications (eff 10-13-01)

#8710*            Readopt, Readopt w/amd Fors 300-500 Rules Regarding Application Procedures, Fees, Renewals, Continuing Education and Ethical Standards (eff 8-25-06)

#8711-A*        Readopt w/amd Fors 201-216 Rules Regarding Practice and Procedure (eff 8-25-06) DO NOT EXPIRE

#8711-B*        Readopt w/amd Fors 217 Explanation After Adoption (eff 8-25-06)

#10087*          Amend, Readopt w/Amend Fors 301.04(e), 401.02, & 403 Board of Licensing for Foresters Rules Regarding Application/Licensure Fees, Renewal Notices, and Continuing Education (eff 3-1-12)

#10543*          Readopt Fors 217 Rules Regarding Explanation After Adoption (eff 3-13-14) DO NOT EXPIRE

#10544*          Readopt Fors 300-500 Applications, Fees, Qualifications of Applicants, Examinations, License Renewal, Disciplinary Matters, Continuing Education, Ethical and Professional Conduct, Administrative Fines, and License Surrender (eff 3-13-14)