The Governing Board of Genetic Counselors was established under RSA 328-F:3, I as amended by 2013, 271:4, effective 7-1-13, with rulemaking authority under RSA 326-K:9 pursuant to 2013, 271:1, effective 7-1-13, and RSA 328-F:11


#10650*     Adopt Gen 100 Organizational Rules (eff 8-6-14) DO NOT EXPIRE


#10651*     Adopt Gen 200 Procedural Rules (eff 8-6-14) DO NOT EXPIRE


#10666*     Adopt Gen 500 Ethical Standards (eff 9-10-14)


#10686*     Adopt Gen 300 Initial Licensure and Provisional Licensure (eff 10-7-14)


#10687*     Adopt Gen 400 Continued Status of Licensees (eff 10-7-14)


#12401      DECLARATORY RULING - Issued pursuant to Gen 217 and under RSA 326-K:1, VI.  Concerning whether ordering genetic tests falls within the scope of practice of licensed genetic counselors as defined in “practice of genetic counseling” pursuant to RSA 326-K:1, VI.  (eff 10-9-17)


#12390      EMERGENCY RULE – Amend Gen 406.01(a) Genetic Counselors Renewal – Continued Competency for New Licensees (eff 11-16-21) EXPIRES: 5-15-22