The Higher Education Commission was established in RSA 21-N:8-a, II pursuant to 2011, 224:126, effective July 1, 2011, with its rulemaking authority under RSA 21-N:8-a, II(e)(6).  The former Postsecondary Education Commission was abolished through the repeal of RSA 188-D by 2011, 224:125, X, effective July 1, 2011.  Existing rules in the program areas listed in 2011, 224:149, I (Pos 1200, 1400, 1500, and 1700) were transferred to the Department of Education, Division of Higher Education (with rulemaking authority under the Board of Education pursuant to RSA 21-G:9, II(b)).  Existing rules in the program areas listed under 2011, 224:149, II (Pos 1000 and Pos 1100) were transferred to the Higher Education Commission.  Chapters Pos 600-900 and Pos 1600 were not transferred, and rulemaking authority for those program areas was repealed by 2011, 224:125, IX and X.


The Division of Higher Education of the Department of Education was established in RSA 21-N:8-a, I pursuant to 2011, 224:126, effective July 1, 2011, and provides “support for the higher education commission established in paragraph II in furtherance of its duties.”


RSA 21-N:8-a was repealed and reenacted by 2013, 164:1, effective 6-28-13, with rulemaking authority for the Higher Education Commission under RSA 21-N:8-a, II(e)(8).  Also, rulemaking authority for the program area in Pos 1200 was transferred from the Board of Education to the Higher Education Commission by 2013, 164:2, effective 6-28-13.  Pos 1200 was thereby also transferred.


#10429*     Adopt Hedc 400 Degree Granting Higher Ed Institutions (eff 10-5-13)


#10490*  EXPEDITED REPEAL - Pos 1000 Degree Granting Higher Education Institutions – REPEAL (eff 12-20-13)


#10520*  Readopt w/Amend Hedc 300 (formerly Pos 1100) Private Postsecondary Career Schools (eff 2-12-14)


#10633*  Readopt w/Amend Hedc 500 (formerly Pos 1200) Scholarships for Orphans of Veterans (eff 7-2-14)


#12644*  Readopt w/Amend Hedc 300 Career School Licensing (eff 10-11-18)