I.         Description of Organization

                        a.         Composition of Board of Registration in Podiatry

                        b.         Method of Operation

                        c.         Public Information - Availability, Submission of


             II.        Statutory Responsibility

            III.       Declaratory Ruling

S          IV.      Rules & Regulations

             V.       Exhibits

                        .2 List of Licensed Podiatrists (Jan. 1973)

#1046        Rules - Regulations of the State Board of Podiatry eff. 10-19-77 - ss. #117 (IV)

#2902 E     Readoption of rules governing the Board (Pod 100-500) (eff 11-8-84)

#2983           Adopt (with amendments) Board of Registration in Podiatry rules Pod 100-500 (eff 3-7-85)

#5391*      Amend Pod 100-500 Various Amendment to coincide w/new law (eff 5-08-92)

#7816*      Adopt Pod 100 Organization, Definitions & Public Information Rules Regarding Podiatrists (eff 1-7-03)

#7887-A*   Adopt Pod 201-216 Rules Regarding Complaints and Hearing Procedures and Disciplinary Hearings Pertaining to Podiatrists (eff 5-6-03) (Do not Expire except pursuant to RSA 541-A:17, II)

#7887-B*   Adopt Pod 217 Explanation After Adoption (eff 5-6-03)

#8061*      Adopt Pod 300-500 Rules Governing the Practice of Podiatry (eff 3-12-04)

#9901-A*   Adopt, Readopt w/Amend Pod 301.01(a), 301.05, 303, 304, 401.01, 401.02, 401.04, 401.05(a) & (c), & 403.03 Application and Examination Requirements for Podiatrists Applying for Licensure, Fees, Procedure for Renewal of Licenses and Procedures for Licensees and Applicants Changing Their Home or Business Addresses (eff 4-15-11)

#9901-B*   Adopt, Readopt, Amend Pod 301.01(b), 401.03, & 401.05(b) Application, Renewal, & Reinstatement Forms (eff 4-15-11) DO N OT EXPIRE

#10242-A* Adopt Pod 217.01 Rules Regarding Explanation After Adoption of Rules (eff 12-15-12) DO NOT EXPIRE

#10242-B* Adopt Pod 302.01, 402.01, 402.02, 403.01, 403.02, & 501.01 Rules Regarding Educational and Continuing Educational Requirements for Licensure, Severance of Connection of Practice, Replacement of Wall Certificates and Ethical Guidelines for Podiatrists (eff 12-15-12)

#10943      DECLARATORY RULING - Issued pursuant to Pod 216.   Concerning whether Board Order dated November 19, 2014 prohibiting the Petitioner from treating patients in “nursing home settings” includes seven facilities which are not nursing homes as defined in RSA 151-C:2, XXVI.  (eff 10-5-15)

#12149*     Adopt Pod 502 Opioid Prescribing (eff 3-25-17)

#12811      Adopt, Readopt w/Amend Pod 300-400 various Licensure and Renewal Rules (eff 6-14-19) EXPIRES: 12-11-19

#13272      EMERGENCY RULE – Amend Pod 402.01(a) Podiatry Virtual Continuing Education (eff 10-4-21) EXPIRES: 4-2-22


#13321      REPEAL OF EMERGENCY RULE – Repeal Pod 402.01(a) under Document #13272 Podiatry Virtual Continuing Education (eff 12-29-21 @1:51 p.m.)