The Board of Psychologists (Psyc) was established effective 7-1-13 pursuant to 2012, 213:1, which adopted RSA 329-B.  Rulemaking authority is in RSA 329-B:10.  Pursuant to RSA 329-B:27, IV, the Board administers rules “pertaining to psychologists” adopted under RSA 330-A by the Board of Mental Health Practice (Mhp), with the exception of “administrative rules relating to establishing and collecting fees for psychologists”.  The rules in effect on June 30, 2013 pertaining to psychologists “shall remain in effect and be administered by the board of psychologists under RSA 329-B until such rules are amended, repealed, superseded, or expired.”


#12035-A* Adopt Psyc 100-200 Organizational Rules, Practice and Procedure Rules (eff 11-4-16) DO NOT EXPIRE


#12035-B* Adopt Pysc 300-500 License and Registration Requirements, Applications and Fees, Continued Status, Ethical Standards, Responsibilities of Psychologists, and Professional Misconduct (eff 11-4-16)


#12779*     Amend Psyc 401.02(d)-(g) License Renewal (eff 5-14-19)


#12990*     Adopt Psyc 210 Petition for Waiver (eff 2-11-20) DO NOT EXPIRE


#13089-A* Amend, Readopt w/Amend Psyc 202.01 intro. & (p), 204.02 Informal Resolution (eff 8-7-20) DO NOT EXPIRE


#13089-B* Readopt w/Amend Psyc 302.05, 303.02, 303.04, 303.05 Post-Doctoral Supervision, Application Process, Temporary License Application, and Written Examinations (eff 8-7-20)