#708-A Rules for Supervisors of the checklist & "Sample" of Voter Registration Card


Documents #5430-A and #5431 described below were adopted and filed by the Attorney General and not by the Secretary of State. However, pursuant to 1992, 288:31, effective 7-1-92, these rules are now under the authority of the Secretary of State. For filings of securities rules prior to 1992, see the filing index of the Office of Securities Regulation.


#5430-A Adopt Atg-Se 703 Uniform Limited Offering Exemption Rule (eff 6-30-92)

#5431 Readopt w/amd Atg-Se 100-1500 Securities Regulation Rules (eff 6-30-92)


There is an apparent exemption from RSA 541-A pursuant to 1996, 239:34, enacting RSA 421-B:26-a, I, effective 8-9-96, for rules of the Bureau of Securities Regulation under RSA 421-B. RSA 421-B:26-a, I states that "the provisions of RSA 541-A shall not apply to this chapter."

Rules under RSA 421-B after 8-9-96 do not apparently have to be filed with the Office of Legislative Services or otherwise be subject to the requirements of RSA 541-A.

However, the extent to the exemption is not clear, as RSA 421-B:26-a relates only to hearings, and other references in RSA 421-B to rules under RSA 541-A remain without change by 1996, 239, such as RSA 421-B:2, XVIII and RSA 421-B:28.

There is no other statutory exemption from RSA 541-A for the Secretary of State.