(formerly the Office of Energy and Planning)




        The Office of Energy and Planning was renamed the Office of Strategic Initiatives by 2017, 156:63, effective 7-1-17, with rules to be numbered under the rule title “Stra” instead of the former rule title “Pln”.


#12446       INTERIM RULE - Adopt Stra 1100 Governor's Scholarship Program (eff 1-3-18) Expires: 7-2-18


#12550*     Readopt w/Amend Stra 1100 Governor’s Scholarship Program (eff 6-19-18)



        Pursuant to 2019, 346:437, effective 7-1-19, the rules Stra 1100 on the Governor’s Scholarship Program were transferred to the College Tuition Savings Plan Advisory Commission.  The rules “shall continue in effect and shall be enforced by the commission until such rules expire or are repealed or amended in accordance with applicable law.”  The Commission has rulemaking authority under RSA 4-C:34, IV pursuant to 346:446, effective 7-1-19.


        See the filing history for the College Tuition Savings Plan Advisory Commission (Csp) for subsequent rulemaking in this area.