SEPTEMBER 1, 2004 - 9:00 a.m


Senate Members of JLCAR

House Members of JLCAR

Clifton C. Below, Vice-Chair

Betsey L. Patten, Chair

Iris W. Estabrook

Michael O'Neil

Robert B. Flanders

Robert S. Mercer

Theodore L. Gatsas

Kathleen N. Taylor

Sylvia B. Larsen

Janet G. Wall

Lou D'Allesandro (Alt.)

MaryAnn N. Blanchard (Alt.)

Robert K. Boyce (Alt.)

Larry A. Emerton, Sr. (Alt.)

Burton J. Cohen (Alt.)

Elbert I. Bicknell (Alt.)

Andre Martel (Alt.)

Dennis P. Vachon (Alt.)

Jane O'Hearn (Alt.)

Nelson S. Allan (Alt.)

The times and order specified for the agenda and items listed below are only tentative. The Committee may change the order or may change the amount of time allotted for such items.

1. 9:00 am Convene and Review Minutes




Regular Agenda


2. 9:10 am Postpone Items


3. 9:25 am OR's 2004-38 & 36 & FP 2004-97 He-W & OR 2004-79 He-M


4. 11:00 am FP 2004-70 Sw




Other Business


5. 11:30 am Other


FP - Final Proposal
OR - Preliminary Objection Response
ROR - Revised Objection Response
ER - Emergency Rule
INT - Interim Rule

1. Convene and Review Minutes

JLCAR Deadlines Noted Below:

For OR's and ROR's:

Deadline is for sponsoring a joint resolution.

For FP's:

Deadline is for approval, conditional approval, or preliminary objection. Otherwise, rule is automatically approved.

For INT's:

Deadline is for approval or conditional approval.
Otherwise, agency cannot adopt the interim rule.


2. Consider postponing action on certain items to another meeting.


(a) OR 2004-38
Joint Resolution

Former Division of Human Services
Expanded Health Care Coverage for Certain Low-Income Children
(JLCAR Deadline September 7, 2004)
(Formerly Item 6(a) on 8-19-04 agenda. The JLCAR made a final objection on 8-19-04. This item was then tabled on 8-19-04 and must be taken off the table to be considered. Option of voting to sponsor a joint resolution remains through September 7, 2004.)

(b) OR 2004-36
Final Objection

Former Division of Human Services
Outpatient Hospital Emergency Department Co-payments
(JLCAR Deadline September 7, 2004)
(Formerly Item 19(a) on 7-14-04 agenda, Item 4(d) on 8-5-04 agenda, and Item 6(b) on 8-19-04 agenda. This item was tabled on 8-5-04 and must be taken off the table to be considered.)

(c) FP 2004-97

Former Division of Human Services
Provision of New Hampshire Employment Program Services to Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Recipients
(JLCAR Deadline September 13, 2004)
(Formerly Item 2(n) on 8-19-04 agenda.)

(d) OR 2004-79

Former Division of Mental Health and Developmental Services
Eligibility Determinations and Individual Service Planning
(JLCAR Deadline November 9, 2004)
(Objection converted pursuant to RSA 541-A:13, V(a) from conditional approval made on August 5, 2004)

4. FP 2004-70 LOTTERY COMMISSION Approved

Rules of Carryover Coverall Bingo Games
(JLCAR Deadline September 20, 2004)
(Formerly Item 2(f) on 8-19-04 agenda.)


5. Other