Action Minutes


JANUARY 4, 2008



Members Present:   Representatives Pilotte, MacKay, Schmidt, Millham*, and DeJoie*, and Senators Cilley and Downing.  (*)  Indicates alternate member.


(**)  Indicates where Part 1, Article 28-a of the N.H. Constitution was an issue in the Committee’s discussions or decisions in this meeting (See Item #7.  However, that item was conditionally approved with a condition unrelated to Part 1, Article 28-a.)


1.  The Committee was convened at 9:26 a.m. by Rep. Pilotte as Chair.


     Members present at this time, aside from Rep. Pilotte, were Reps. Schmidt, Millham, and DeJoie, and Sens. Downing and Cilley.


     Rep. Pilotte appointed Rep. Millham and Rep. DeJoie as alternates, respectively, for Rep. Patten and Rep. Mitchell, who were absent.


2.  The Committee discussed the minutes of the Committee meeting on December 27, 2007.


     Rep. Schmidt moved that the minutes be approved as distributed in today’s meeting.


     Rep. Millham seconded.




3.  The Committee discussed the introduction of the joint resolution which the Committee on December 27, 2007 had voted to sponsor relative to rule He-P 1906.02 from the Department of Health and Human Services (Objection Response 2007-151, Former Division of Public Health Services, Indoor Smoking Rules).


     Rep. MacKay arrived during the discussion of this item.


     The Committee decided by consensus that the resolution would have a joint House-Senate hearing, that the Committee members present on December 27, 2007 would be co-sponsors, with Sen. Burling as the prime sponsor, and the resolution would originate in the Senate.


     Rep. Pilotte noted for the record that Rep. DeJoie objected to having the hearing as a joint hearing.


     No further action was taken.


4.  The Committee discussed Final Proposal 2007-145 from the Department of Administrative Services (Loss Prevention, Guidelines for Risk Management).  Nathan Jones and Trudy Mott-Smith testified for the Department.


     Rep. MacKay moved that Final Proposal 2007-145 be approved.


     Sen. Downing seconded.




5.   The Committee discussed Final Proposal 2007-156 from the Department of Labor (Boilers and Pressure Vessels).  Cynthia Flynn and Christine Farmer testified for the Department.


      The Department submitted a request for conditional approval with an amended rule Lab 1203.06 (d) & (e).


      Rep. Millham moved that the Committee conditionally approved Final Proposal 2007-156 as requested.


      Rep. Schmidt seconded.




6.   The Committee discussed Final Proposal 2007-164 from the Department of Revenue Administration (Business Enterprise Tas).  Kathleen Sher and Joseph Lofrano testified for the Department.


      Rep. DeJoie left during the discussion of this item.


      Sen. Cilley moved that the Committee approve Final Proposal 2007-164.


      Rep. MacKay seconded.




**7.   The Committee discussed Final Proposal 2007-96 from the Board of Education (Speech Language Specialist).  Dr. Judith Fillion and Mary Lane of the Department of Education testified for the Board.


      Robert Blaisdell, representing the N.H. Speech Language Hearing Association, also testified.


      The Department requested orally that the first sentence of Ed 614.09(a) be amended to read:


            “The speech-language specialist program shall provide the candidate with the ability to meet the entry level requirement for all speech-language specialists of a master’s degree in speech-language pathology or communications sciences and disorders from a college or university approved under Ed 600 as required in RSA 189:14-e.”


      Rep.  Schmidt moved that the Committee conditionally approve Final Proposal 2007-96 as requested.


      Rep. MacKay seconded.




8.   Rep. Schmidt moved that the Committee adjourn.


      Sen. Cilley seconded.




      The Committee adjourned at 11:04 a.m.