Action Minutes





Members Present:   Representatives Patten, Pilotte, Schmidt, Manuse, Kidder*, Sad*, Tremblay*, and Winter*, and Senators Merrill, Kelly, and Carson*.  (*)  Indicates alternate members.


(**)  Part 1, Article 28-a of the N.H. Constitution was not an issue in the Committee’s discussions or decisions in this meeting. 


1.  The meeting was convened at 9:05 a.m. by Rep. Patten as Chair.


      Members present at this time, aside from Rep. Patten, were Reps. Pilotte, Schmidt, Manuse, Kidder, Sad, Tremblay, and Winter, and Senators Merrill, Kelly, and Carson.


      Rep. Patten designated Sen. Carson, Rep. Kidder, Rep. Winter, and Rep. Tremblay as alternates, respectively, for Sen. White, Rep. McGuire, Sen. Groen, and Sen. Lambert, who were absent.


      Rep. Sad was not a voting member as this time.


2.   The Committee discussed the minutes of the Committee meeting on August 18, 2011.


      Sen. Carson moved that the Committee approve the minutes, with an amendment to Item #5 relative to Proposed Interim Rule INT 2011-19, where the member who made the motion to conditionally approve the rules should be changed from Rep. Schmidt to Rep. McGuire.


      Rep. Winter seconded.




3.   The Committee discussed Final Proposal 2011-26 from the Public Utilities Commission (Uniform Administration of Customer Relations).  Commissioner Amy Ignatius and Amanda Noonan testified for the Commission.


      The Commission had submitted a conditional approval request in amended rules dated August 17, 2011 and an amended conditional approval request in amended rules dated August 31, 2011.


      Gerald M. Eaton, Senior Counsel for Public Service of New Hampshire, had submitted a letter dated August 25, 2011 to the Commission, which the Commission provided to the Committee.


      Meredith Hatfield, representing the Office of Consumer Advocate, also testified.


      Dan Feltes, representing N.H. Legal Assistance, registered his support for rules, including the amended conditional approval request, but did not speak.


      Rep. Pilotte moved that the Committee accept the amended conditional approval request and conditionally approve Final Proposal 2011-26 based on the request.


      Rep. Manuse seconded.




4.   Rep. Pilotte moved that the Committee adjourn.


      Rep. Schmidt seconded.




      The Committee adjourned at 9:55 a.m.


      A Committee work session on the amended draft Drafting and Procedure Manual for Administrative Rules was begun after the continued meeting was adjourned.