Real Estate Tax Liens

Section 80:65

    80:65 Notice by Lienholder to Mortgagee. – The municipality, county or state as lienholder, within 60 days from the date of execution of the lien, shall identify and notify all persons holding mortgages upon such property as recorded in the office of the register of deeds. In the event that a person holds a mortgage on more than one piece of property, a listing of the property may be forwarded by the lienholder. If the selectmen determine that one or more outstanding mortgages exist, they may direct the collector of taxes to identify and to give such notice to any mortgagee, and the collector shall thereupon be entitled to receive the same fees as provided in RSA 80:67 for notifying any mortgagee of a payment after the execution of the tax lien. Such notice shall give the date of the execution of the lien, the name of the delinquent taxpayer, the total amount of the lien and the amount of costs for identifying and notifying mortgagees. As provided in RSA 80:75, the tax collector shall send a similar notice to any mortgagee within 30 days of the time of payment of any subsequent tax thereon by the purchaser. Any tax lien process of such encumbered real estate shall be void as against any mortgagee, and no tax collector's deed based on said lien shall be valid unless the mortgagees shall have been notified in the manner provided in RSA 80:66, but the tax and any subsequent tax payments made upon the property shall be collectible and payment may be enforced by suit under the provisions of RSA 80:50.

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