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Bill Title: allowing certain state employees to take paid leave to participate in disaster relief service work.

Official Docket of
Date Body Description
1/28/1999SIntroduction and referring to Executive Departments and Administration 1/28/99; SJ 3, P 37
2/17/1999SHearing, 3/2/99, Room 101, LOB, 2:00 p.m.
3/19/1999SCommittee Report, Rereferred to Committee, 3/23/99
3/23/1999SRereferred to Committee, MA, VV, SJ 8, P 79
1/11/2000SCommittee Report, Inexpedient to Legislate, 1/13/00
1/13/2000SSen. Cohen moved Laid on Table, MA,VV; SJ 1, Pg.22
2/10/2000SSen. Larsen Moved Take From Table , MA,VV; ITL not voted on
2/10/2000SSen. Larson Sub Motion Ought to Pass, MA, VV, OT3rdg, MA, VV; SJ 3, Pg.94
2/10/2000HIntroduced and ref to Exec Depts & Admin; HJ18, p478
2/15/2000HCopy to Chairman on 2/15/2000 due Early f
2/22/2000HHearing Mar 7 10:00 RM202,LOB
3/8/2000H Subcom work Session Mar 15 11:00 RM202,LOB (Rep Virtue)
3/22/2000H Subcom work Session Mar 28 3:00 RM202,LOB
4/12/2000HMaj Report OTP/AM for Apr 20 (vote 17-2;CC)
4/12/2000H Prop Comm Am{3879}; HC32, p1026
4/20/2000HPassed with Am and ref to Finance (Cons Cal by 2/3VV); HJ37, p1132
4/20/2000HFin Hearing Apr 26 9:30 Rms210-211,LOB
4/20/2000H Fin Div I Subcom Work & Exec Session Apr 27 10:00 RM212,LOB (Rep Torr)
5/3/2000HMaj Report OTP/AM for May 17 (vote 25-0;CC)
5/3/2000H Prop Fin Comm Am{4264}; HC40, p1244
5/17/2000HPassed with Am; Reps Chandler & Burling Susp Rules for 3rd reading, MA 2/3VV; HJ45,p1383 + 1395
5/18/2000SSen. Cohen Concur with House Amendment{4264}; MA, VV; SJ 15, Pg.502
5/31/2000SEnrolled Bill, Adopted; SJ 16, Pg.626
5/31/2000HEnrolled; HJ48, p1548
6/12/2000SSigned by the Governor on 6/12/2000 Eff: 7/1/2000 Chap: 0252
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