HB 1-A, making appropriations for the expenses of certain departments of the state for fiscal years ending June 30, 2022 and June 30, 2023. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 2-FN-A-L, relative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 15-FN, relative to including under the meals and rooms tax facilitators of Internet transactions of motor vehicle rentals and facilitators of Internet transactions of room occupancies. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 25-A, making appropriations for capital improvements. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 69, (New Title) relative to the authority of schools to display the national and state mottos. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 75, renaming and adjusting the membership of the New Hampshire commission on deafness and hearing loss. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 77, (New Title) requiring town and city clerks to provide daily notification to the secretary of state of any filings for elected office and relative to the broadband matching grant initiative. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 98, relative to the date of the state primary election. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 99, relative to seasonal platforms on public waters of the state. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 100, relative to driving to the left of an unbroken painted line. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 101, relative to the close of a county's books of records. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 108-FN-L, (New Title) relative to minutes and decisions in nonpublic sessions; an exemption for items falling within the attorney-client privilege or the attorney work product doctrine under the right-to-know law; and remote access to public meetings under the right-to-know law. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 115, relative to wake surfing. (House Concurs 610/2021)

HB 120, relative to administration of psychotropic medications to children in foster care. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 140, relative to private rights of action regarding pupil safety. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 143, (New Title) relative to an electronic prescription drug program and establishing licensure and requirements for licensed social workers, licensed social work associates, and social work conditional licenses. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 164, relative to the acquisition, sale, or demolition of municipal land or buildings. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 174, relative to reporting a collision between a cat and a motor vehicle. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 179-FN, relative to enhanced penalties based on prior convictions for driving under the influence of drugs or liquor. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 180-FN, increasing the penalty for buyers under the law regarding trafficking in persons. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 183, (Second New Title) exempting persons under the age of 14, who are selling soft drinks on family owned or leased property, from city, town, or village district licensing requirements. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 186, (New Title) relative to certain legislative study commissions and committees. (House Nonconcurs 6/10/2021)

HB 187, (New Title) relative to the emergency powers of the commissioner of health and human services and relative to the membership of the oversight committee on health and human services. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 195, adding display of a firearm as an exception to reckless conduct. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 199, including soil health and soil conservation in the state soil conservation plan. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 220, (New Title) relative to medical freedom in immunizations and establishing a committee to examine the policy of medical intervention including immunizations. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 223, relative to political party access to a list of absentee ballot requests. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 224, (New Title) relative to tinted windows on motor vehicles, relative to civil liability for damage to highways, and relative to employer access to motor vehicle records. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 235, (Second New Title) addressing impacts to other water users from new sources of water for community water systems and relative to the PFAS fund and programs. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 236, creating a statute of limitation on civil actions relative to damage caused by perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 239-FN, relative to prosecutions for certain assaults against minors. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 242, relative to the content of an adequate education. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 243, (New Title) relative to the form of municipal budgets, relative to municipal estimates of expenditures and revenues, and relative to the requirement that certain governing bodies submit recommendations to the budget committee. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 250, relative to pet vendors. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 251-FN, requiring children under the age of 2 yearsto be restrained in a motor vehicle. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 263, (New Title) relative to campaign finance reform and increasing the threshold for reporting by political committees. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 271, relative to standards for per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water and ambient groundwater. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 278, relative to the use of unused district facilities by chartered public schools. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 283, (Second New Title) proclaiming April 11, 2022 as Wentworth Cheswill Day. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 284, relative to the restoration of involuntarily merged lots. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 285, relative to verification of voter checklists. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 291, (New Title) relative to the analysis of requests for absentee ballot information by the attorney general. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 296-FN, establishing the crime of unsolicited disclosure of an intimate image. (House Nonconcurs, CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 306, relative to revenue estimates while operating under emergency orders caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 309, (New Title) relative to the computation of renewable energy credits and clarifying certain renewable energy classes. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 311, establishing a committee to study rail trail best management practices. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 315, relative to the aggregation of electric customers. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 320, requiring a civics competency assessment as a high school graduation requirement. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 321, (New Title) requiring school districts to submit an annual report concerning gifted and talented students. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 326, (New Title) requiring town and city clerks to make electronic lists of persons who have applied for absentee ballots available to candidates upon request. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 330, relative to sports book locations. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 334, (New Title) relative to prohibitions on carrying a loaded firearm on an OHRV or snowmobile and relative to the procedure for conducting firearm background checks. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 338-FN, relative to penalties for dog theft and tampering with a dog's radio collar. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 373, relative to state participation in low carbon fuel standards programs. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 375, (New Title) allowing the destruction of valueless contraband by the chief of police, the chief's designee, the county sheriff, or the sheriff's designee. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 391, (New Title) establishing a commission to review and make recommendations on campaign finance laws. (House Nonconcurs 6/10/2021)

HB 397, relative to permitting fees under the shoreland protection act. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 411, establishing a commission to study the equalization rate used for the calculation of a property tax abatement by the New Hampshire board of tax and land appeals, the superior court, and all cities, towns, and counties. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 413, (New Title) establishing a solid waste working group on solid waste management planning, relative to compost, and establishing a statewide solid waste disposal reduction goal. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 417, (Second New Title) relative to the powers of the governor during a declared state of emergency. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 423, establishing a commission to study the implementation of enhanced automation of traffic lights. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 424, establishing a commission to study ways to reduce texting while driving. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 432, relative to the offenses that prevent employment in a school. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 448, establishing a committee to study and compare federal Occupational Safety and Health Act standards with the safety and health standards the New Hampshire department of labor uses for public sector employees. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 471, (New Title) relative to police disciplinary hearings and authorizing the department of justice to maintain an exculpatory evidence schedule. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 476, (New Title) relative to election officers at additional polling place and relative to legalizing, ratifying, and confirming all actions, votes, and proceedings of the annual meeting of the town of Middleton. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 479, (New Title) relative to pharmacist provider status, nicotine cessation therapy, and pharmacy benefit manager requirements. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 485, (New Title) relative to informed consent to search a motor vehicle and amending the statutory requirements for a search warrant; relative to prohibiting certain uses of laser pointing devices, and relative to various civil actions and criminal liability. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 509, relative to portraits and memorial objects in the state house, legislative office building, and Upham Walker house. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 518, relative to rebates under the law governing unfair insurance practices. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 523-FN, requiring a person who registers to vote without any identification to have his or her photo taken before his or her registration to vote is complete. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 533, establishing a division of investigation and compliance in the lottery commission. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 542, (New Title) relative to the protection of religious liberty. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 566, (Second New Tiltle) relative to the discussion of disclosure of the minutes from a nonpublic session under the right-to-know law. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)

HB 572, relative to pharmacist administration of vaccines and allowing a licensed advanced pharmacy technician to administer vaccines. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 593-FN, requiring a food delivery service to enter into an agreement with a food service establishment or food retail store before offering delivery service from that restaurant. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 600-FN, relative to funding for newborn screening. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 605-FN, relative to the therapeutic cannabis program. (House Concurs 6/10/2021)

HB 610-FN, (Fourth New Title) requiring certain licensing and reporting functions be conducted through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry, relative to background investigations of trust officers, to certain filing fees, assessments, and interest rates, and to the transmission of consumer complaints by the banking department, requiring employers to provide certain workplace accommodations for employees, establishing the New Hampshire housing and conservation planning program, and relative to the collaborative care model service delivery method. (House Nonconcurs; CofC 6/10/2021)