The federal government as initiallyconceived was created as a service to the states, to accomplish missions thatthe individual states could not accomplish on their own. Even under theArticles of Confederation, the states sovereignty as separate and independentwas recognized. The supremacy clause, article 6 of theconstitution stipulates that laws passed by the federal government are supremeover the states, provided they are executed in “pursuance thereof” the delegatedpowers of the Constitution.  Withthis noted, the 10th amendment to the constitution provides that thepowers not expressly delegated to the federal government from the statesthemselves are thereby reserved to the states. It cannot be expected that thefederal government could be the sole arbiter of its power. The checks andbalances system between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, branches ofthe federal government are not the same as the several states being the sovereigndelegators of power to the constitution, and the ultimate check on federalpower. HCR3 reaffirms this check on the power of the federal government andshould be passed.


Chairman, New Hampshire Independence Political ActionCommittee