Representative Hope Damon (d)

Sullivan - District 8

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Home Address

447 Old Springfield Road
Sunapee, NH  03782

Seat #: 5033

Additional Information

House Committee Information
Committee Name: Education
Position:  Member
Committee Phone:  603-271-3565
Committee Function:
It shall be the duty of the Committee on Education to consider subjects relating to the regulation of school districts and schools; the postsecondary college system; the University System of New Hampshire; matters concerning education; and such other matters as may be referred to it.

Personal Biography
I have lived in Sullivan County, mostly Croydon, since 1980. My career as a registered dietitian and diabetes educator began as Food and Nutrition Services Director at New London Hospital, followed by establishing The Nutrition Counseling Center in 1987 where I have enjoyed helping people achieve wellness. I am a past president and recognized young dietitian of NH Dietetic Association.

I attended public schools including graduating from Framingham State College.

I am happily married to George Chait, retired building contractor. We are proud parents of 2 adult daughters who work for nonprofits.

I was founding president of Cinnamon Child Care Center in 1994, a parent cooperative formed after the abrupt closing of a for profit childcare center serving over 50 families. It continues to operate today.

I am a board member and grants committee co-chair of NH Women's Foundation which promotes opportunity and equality for women and girls statewide through research, education, advocacy, grant-making and philanthropy.

I am the granddaughter of a suffragette, (Mabelle Merritt, 1895-2000) and the daughter of a middle school social studies teacher - those are the roots of my respect for voting rights and desire to protect our democracy.
Local Government Involvement
I was one of the leaders in the nonpartisan, collaborative We Stand Up For Croydon Students campaign to restore our school budget after it was cut by 53%. Grassroots democracy prevailed with a 377-2 vote to fully restore school funding. We Stand Up For Croydon is now a nonpartisan community advocacy group promoting citizen participation and transparency in local government. I have also volunteered in many state and national campaigns. I believe that honesty, kindness, civility and respect for a democratic process are essential to our government. Effective communication starts with recognizing what we agree on then builds towards common ground on issues.
Miscellaneous Information:
I believe the state of NH must be held responsible for fair funding of quality public education that is factual, based on a full accounting of our complex history and contemporary evolving scientific knowledge. We must know our history to learn from it!