Representative Cyril Aures (R)

Merrimack - District 13

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Seat #: 1016

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House Committee Information
Committee Name: Ways and Means
Position:  Member
Committee Phone:  603-271-3529
Committee Function:
It shall be the duty of the Committee on Ways and Means to examine and consider the state of the treasury; to consider and report on all bills and resolutions relating to raising money by a state tax and the apportionment of same; matters relating to taxes and fees on tobacco; all dedicated funds except for the highway and turnpike funds; state fees, and all methods of raising revenue for the state; and such other matters as may be referred to it. The Committee on Ways and Means shall report to the House in the form of a resolution its estimates of state revenues on a periodic basis.

Personal Biography
Cy (Cyril) Aures married 45 years to Rosemary Aures, we have four children and four grandchildren. Started my career as an accountant, an auditor, senior analyst, controller, VP Finance.
Survived four terrorist attacks NYC 9-11, Anthrax attack NJ, Civic Center attack Binghamton NY and London England bombing of buses and tube. Taught accounting at Broome Community College NY and algebra/other at Trinity Christian High School Morgantown, WV.
Local Government Involvement
Grass roots involvement with sign placement etc. for Eddie Edwards, Paul Halverson, Don Bolduc, Chuck Morse, and Howard Pearl. Prior to COVID I attended many sessions in the NH House dealing with 2nd Amendment issues. It was then in 2018 John Reagan asked me to consider running for the House. I never gave it a second thought. June 09, 2022, Dan McGuire and Clayton Wood asked me to run for the House. June 10th at the last hour I signed up as a candidate and went on to win a 3-for-2 primary Chichester - Pittsfield running as a team with Clayton Wood.
In WV I worked as Treasurer for 1st time Candidate Mac Warner, Mac is now WV Secretary of State.
Miscellaneous Information:
My best strengths at this point in my life are teaching, sales and marketing. Clayton Wood asked me to run with him and we developed a winning campaign strategy. We ran as a team, chose unique colors of dark green, yellow, white, to make our signs stand out from all the others. Howard Pearl had a similar strategy choosing yellow and green. We won our campaign due to working very hard, paying attention to detail, campaigned with a sense of urgency and were fortunate enough to have Kathy Holmes doing all the creative design work for us. Kathy quickly became the 3rd leg of the stool balancing all our strengths as a team.
Cyril Aures