Office Location

4th Floor
Legislative Office Building
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-3600


Ann FitzGerald

House Committee Research:
James Cianci, Esq., Committee Counsel
Jennifer Foor, Esq., Committee Researcher
Christina Dyer, Committee Researcher
Bradley Greenland, Committee Researcher
Dan Torrey, Esq., Committee Researcher
Kristin Grant, Esq., Committee Researcher

House Secretarial Services:
Karen Karwocki, Administrative Assistant
Janet Clayman, Legislative Assistant - Finance Committee

House Committee Assistants:
Heather Goley, Committee Administrative Assistant
Lindsay Oestreich
Carrie Morris


House Committee Research

provides historical, statistical, or analytical information on a bill before committees. Research requests may be generated by any member of a committee but must be coordinated through committee chairs

House Secretarial Services

provides clerical services, typing for correspondence, reports and speeches, photocopying and faxing assistance.

Committee Assistants

are sessional employees who provide clerical assistance at the direction of the Chairmen for the House committees such as the maintenance of bill files, typing of minutes, information on bill status.