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Withdrawn LSRs  41

2023-0006HBTitle:prohibiting collective bargaining agreements that require an employee to join a labor union.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson

2023-0017HBTitle:establishing a committee to study ranked-choice voting.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read

2023-0022HBTitle:relative to the regulation of rent increases.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read

2023-0036HBTitle:relative to the definition of default budget in official ballot jurisdictions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ralph Boehm

2023-0049HBTitle:relative to false statements in political advertisements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Potucek

2023-0050HBTitle:prohibitting certain sex offenders from making contributions to political campaigns.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson

2023-0052HBTitle:relative to the fine for the sale or possession of cannabis.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson

2023-0067HBTitle:relative to the qualifying medical conditions for the therapeutic cannabis program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Suzanne Vail

2023-0086HRTitle:reaffirming support for Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Spillane

2023-0088HBTitle:relative to the land and community heritage investment program surcharge.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Sallie Fellows

2023-0096HBTitle:relative to adding a veterans identification box to death certificates.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cassandra Levesque

2023-0097HBTitle:relative to including agency identifying information and publication dates to agency documents.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Sallie Fellows

2023-0103HBTitle:relative to fees for food establishments and repealing annual licensing requirements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Aidan Ankarberg

2023-0104HBTitle:relative to expanding the exemption of custom slaughtering of animals from state inspection requirements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Aidan Ankarberg

2023-0109HBTitle:relative to on-premises cigar, beverage, and liquor licenses.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Aidan Ankarberg

2023-0112HBTitle:relative to adding microenterprise home kitchen regulations to the law.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Aidan Ankarberg

2023-0113HBTitle:relative to prohibiting government entities subordinate to the state from restricting the types of fuel sources that may be used for energy.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Fred Plett

2023-0122HBTitle:relative to the Sununu Youth Services Center and operation of a replacement facility.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cody Belanger

2023-0125HBTitle:relative to extending the closure date of the Sununu Youth Services Center.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cody Belanger

2023-0136HBTitle:relative to mandatory automobile insurance.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rosemarie Rung

2023-0149HBTitle:relative to a definition of meetings open to the public.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joseph Guthrie

2023-0171HBTitle:establishing a property tax rate cap for seniors.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Robert Healey

2023-0177HBTitle:establishing a commission to study the effects of cellular telephone antennas placed in proximity to vegetable growing plots on health.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Allard

2023-0181HBTitle:to repeal county poor farms.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron

2023-0190HBTitle:relative to a right to data portability of state agency information.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager

2023-0197HBTitle:restricting right to know requests to New Hampshire residents only.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Cahill

2023-0198HBTitle:relative to surface water quality standards for perfluorinated chemicals.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Chuck Grassie

2023-0199HBTitle:relative to perfluorinated chemicals in drinking water.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Chuck Grassie

2023-0208HBTitle:repealing the commission to study telehealth services.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jess Edwards

2023-0212HBTitle:allowing trained public elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers and staff to have guns on school campus.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Melissa Litchfield

2023-0220HBTitle:repealing the special health care service license.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark McLean

2023-0253HBTitle:relative to the records required to be qualified as a county sheriff.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier

2023-0318HBTitle:relative to causes of action for individual rights.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Marjorie Smith

2023-0320HBTitle:relative to teaching on discrimination in the public schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mel Myler

2023-0615HBTitle:relative to calendars and journals of the house and senate.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read

2023-0637HBTitle:relative to veteran decal plates.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Lewicke

2023-0752HBTitle:establishing a commission to study oversight of the New Hampshire board of medicine.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark Pearson

2023-0756HBTitle:relative to unique pupil identification for pupils in the education freedom accounts program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Tanner

2023-0760HBTitle:relative to limiting the authority of New Hampshire delegates to policymaking conventions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jordan Ulery

2023-0800HBTitle:relative to the regulation and licensure of music therapists.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kat McGhee

2023-0818SBTitle:relative to electric vehicle road toll registration and surcharges.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Watters