Section 37:6

    37:6 Powers and Duties in Particular. –
The town manager shall have the power and it shall be his duty:
I. To organize, continue, or discontinue, from time to time, such departments as the selectmen may from time to time determine.
II. To appoint, upon merit and fitness alone, and to remove, all subordinate officers and employees under his control, and to fix their compensation.
III. To attend such regular or special meetings of the selectmen as they shall require.
IV. To keep full and complete records of the doings of his office, and to render to the selectmen an itemized monthly report in writing, showing in detail the receipts and disbursements for the preceding month; and annually, or oftener at the request of the selectmen, to make a synopsis of all reports for publication.
V. To keep the selectmen fully advised as to the needs of the town, within the scope of his duties, and to furnish them on or before the thirty-first day of January of each year a careful, detailed estimate in writing of the probable expenditures of the town government for the ensuing fiscal year, stating the amount required to meet the interest on maturing bonds and notes or other outstanding indebtedness of the town, and showing specifically the amount necessary to be provided for each fund and department; and to submit at the same time an estimate in writing of the amount of income from all sources of revenue, exclusive of taxes upon property, and of the probable amount required to be levied and raised by taxation to defray all expenses and liabilities of the town. For the purpose of enabling the town manager to make up the annual estimate of expenditures, all boards, officers, and committees of the town shall, upon his written request, furnish all information in their possession and submit to him in writing a detailed estimate of the appropriations required for the efficient and proper conduct of their respective departments during the fiscal year.
VI. To examine or cause to be examined, with or without notice, the affairs of any department under his control, or the conduct of any officer or employee thereof; and for that purpose he shall have access to all town books and papers, for the information necessary for the proper performance of his duties.
VII. To have charge, control, and supervision, subject to the direction of the selectmen and to the bylaws of the town, if any, of the following matters:
(a) The management of municipal water works, lighting, and power systems.
(b) The construction, maintenance, and repairing of all town buildings and of all town roads, highways, sidewalks, and bridges, except as otherwise specially voted by the town.
(c) The purchase of all supplies for the town.
(d) The police and fire departments of the town, if any.
(e) The system of sewers and drainage, if any.
(f) The lighting of streets, highways, and bridges.
(g) The sprinkling of streets and highways, the laying of dust, and the removal of snow.
(h) The maintenance of parks, commons, and playgrounds.
(i) The care of cemeteries when the town has adopted the provisions of RSA 289:6, II.
(j) The letting, making, and performance of all contracts for work done for the town.
In municipalities adopting the provisions hereof, the town manager shall supersede any board of commissioners or other supervisory officer or officers previously established, elected, or appointed to have superintendence of any of the matters specified in the foregoing paragraphs (a) to (j) inclusive; except that he shall not supersede, nor shall adoption of this chapter in any way impair the authority and duties of, fire engineers, the commissioner of transportation and his assistants, or any police commission created by act of the legislature.
VIII. To administer the poor relief of the town, either directly or through a person or persons appointed by him, and under the supervision of the selectmen.
IX. To perform such other duties, consistent with his office, as may be required of him by vote of the selectmen.

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