Section 483:10

    483:10 River Corridor Management Plans. –
I. The rivers coordinator shall provide technical assistance to local river management advisory committees, regional planning commissions, and municipalities, and shall encourage the development and implementation of local river corridor management plans pursuant to RSA 483:8-a, III(c). In developing these plans, the department shall coordinate with the department of natural and cultural resources, the department of fish and game, the office of planning and development, the department of agriculture, markets, and food, the department of transportation, the department of safety, and the division of historical resources.
II. River corridor management plans developed pursuant to paragraph I shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
(a) Permitted recreational uses and activities.
(b) Permitted non-recreational uses and activities.
(c) Existing land uses.
(cc) Aquatic connectivity.
(d) Protection of flood plains, meander belts, wetlands, wildlife and fish habitat, and other significant open space and natural areas.
(e) Dams, bridges, and other water structures.
(f) Access by foot and vehicles.
(g) Setbacks and other location requirements.
(h) Dredging, filling, mining, and earth moving.
(i) Prohibited uses.
(j) State-owned lands within the corridor and tributary drainage areas thereof. The plan shall include a description of the importance of those lands to the characteristics for which the river was designated.
(k) Fluvial geomorphology and risk reduction.
III. River corridor management plans developed according to this section may include tributary drainage areas as determined by the local river management advisory committee.
IV. State agencies shall collaborate with and assist the rivers coordinator and the local river management advisory committee with the implementation of river corridor management plans.

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