Section 483:8

    483:8 Rivers Management Advisory Committee; Establishment. –
There is established a rivers management advisory committee appointed by the governor and council. All members shall be New Hampshire residents and the department shall request that nominating organizations select nominees representing diverse geographic areas of the state.
I. The advisory committee shall include:
(a) A representative of public water suppliers who shall be an officer or employee of any municipal or privately owned water works in the state nominated by the New Hampshire Water Works Association.
(b) A municipal officer nominated by the New Hampshire Municipal Association.
(c) A member of the fish and game commission.
(d) A representative nominated by the Business and Industry Association.
(e) A representative of the hydropower industry nominated by the Granite State Hydropower Association in consultation with the New Hampshire hydropower industry.
(f) A conservation commission member nominated by the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissions.
(g) A representative of the conservation community nominated by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, the Audubon Society of New Hampshire, and the New Hampshire Council of Trout Unlimited.
(h) A representative of recreational interests nominated by the New Hampshire Rivers Council and the Appalachian Mountain Club.
(i) A representative of historic/archaeological interests nominated by the New Hampshire Historical Society.
(j) A representative of the agricultural community nominated by the New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation, the Northeast Organic Farming Association, and the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts.
(k) A representative of local river management advisory committees nominated by the commissioner from a list of members submitted by the local river management advisory committees.
II. The director of the office of planning and development, the executive director of the fish and game department, the commissioner of natural and cultural resources, the commissioner of the department of transportation, the commissioner of the department of safety, and the commissioner of the department of agriculture, markets, and food or their designees shall serve as nonvoting members of the committee.
III. The terms of state agency members shall be the same as their terms in office. The members shall serve 3-year terms.
IV. Any vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term. Members may hold office until their successors are appointed and confirmed.
V. The committee shall elect a chairperson and vice chairperson. Meetings shall be at the call of the chairperson, or at the request of 5 or more committee members. The rivers coordinator under RSA 483:3 shall serve as secretary and staff to the committee.
VI. The advisory committee shall report biennially and advise the commissioner, the rivers coordinator, state agencies, municipalities, and the general court in implementing the purposes of this chapter.
VI-a. The advisory committee, at its discretion, may provide testimony and advice on legislation and rules relevant to the management and protection of New Hampshire's rivers.
VII. No state-owned property adjacent to or providing access to a river or river segment shall be recommended for disposal by the council on resources and development or the long range capital planning and utilization committee, whichever is the first point of review, except upon the review and recommendation of the advisory committee established under this section.
VIII. When attending to the duties of the committee, appointed members of the committee shall be eligible to receive mileage at the state employee rate, within the limits of the department's appropriations.

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