Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 491:24

    491:24 Civil Suits Against Municipal Officials. –
I. Whenever a municipal official or individual member of a municipal board or agency, who is subject to good faith immunity under the provisions of RSA 31:104 or the common law of New Hampshire, is sued personally for money damages and the plaintiff alleges injury or damage resulting from action taken in bad faith or with malice on the part of the official or member when acting in his or her official capacity, the superior court shall hold a preliminary hearing within 90 days of the service date specified by the court on the summons.
II. At the hearing the plaintiff shall demonstrate that the allegation of bad faith or malice is based upon information and belief formed after reasonable inquiry and well grounded in fact and that there is a substantial likelihood that, following discovery, evidence shall be adduced sufficient to create an issue for determination by the finder of fact. If the plaintiff fails in such demonstration, the action against such official or member shall be dismissed.
III. If, upon all the evidence presented at the hearing, the court determines that the action is frivolous or intended to harass or to influence the official actions or decisions of the municipal official or board member, the plaintiff shall pay the court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees of the defendant.

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