Section 491:7

    491:7 Jurisdiction. – The superior court shall take cognizance of civil actions and pleas, real, personal, and mixed, according to the course of the common law, except such actions as are required to be brought in the family division under RSA 490-D, district courts under RSA 502-A, or the probate courts under RSA 547; of writs of mandamus and quo warranto and of proceedings in relation thereto; of petition and appeals relating to highways and property taken therefor and for other public use; of actions commenced in the probate or district courts where a right to jury trial is guaranteed by the constitution; of actions commenced in a district court which are transferable by statute to the superior court; of suits in equity under RSA 498:1; of petitions for new trials; of petitions for the redemption and foreclosure of mortgages; of all other proceedings and matters to be entered in, or heard at, said court by special provisions of law; and of all other proceedings and matters cognizable therein for which other special provision is not made.

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