Chapter 492

Section 492:1

    492:1 Counsel, Etc. – A justice shall not sit in any case in which he has been concerned as party or attorney or in any appeal in which he has acted as judge in the court below, or act as attorney or be of counsel for either party or give advice in any matter pending or which may come before the court for adjudication.

Source. RS 172:10. CS 181:28. 1855, 1659:23. GS 192:8. GL 211:8. PS 207:8. PL 319:8. RL 373:8.

Section 492:2

    492:2 Railroad Officer. – No justice of the supreme or superior court shall be an officer in any railroad corporation in this state.

Source. 1881, 55:2. PS 207:13. PL 319:12. RL 373:12.

Section 492:3

    492:3 Taxpayer. – No justice shall be disqualified to sit because he is an inhabitant or taxpayer in the city or town which is a party to the case or is interested therein.

Source. 1885, 1659:15. GS 192:7. GL 211:7. PS 207:7. PL 319:7. RL 373:7.