Section 494:3

    494:3 Duties of the Council. –
It shall be the duty of the judicial council:
I. To serve as an institutional forum for the on-going and disinterested consideration of issues affecting the administration of justice.
II. To survey and study continuously the administration of justice within the state and the organization, procedure, practice, rules and methods of administration and operation of the courts of the state.
III. To devise ways of simplifying judicial procedure, expediting the transaction of judicial business, and of improving the administration of justice.
IV. To recommend and provide general information to the general court, to the supreme court, to the superior court, to the circuit court, to any public official, department or agency or to the state bar association, either upon request or upon the council's own motion, such changes in the law or in the rules, organization, operation or methods of conducting the business of the courts, or with respect to any other matter pertaining to the administration of justice, as it may deem desirable.
V. To serve as a catalyst for the discussion of legal and judicial issues through seminars, forums and special studies, and any other means, within the limits of available state and private funding.
VI. To administer the indigent defense delivery system and ensure its quality and cost effectiveness, pursuant to RSA 604-A and RSA 604-B.
VII. To provide legal and guardian-ad-litem services in child protection cases, pursuant to RSA 169-C:10, RSA 604-A, and RSA 170-C:13.
VIII. To provide legal services for indigent proposed wards in guardianship proceedings brought under RSA 463 and RSA 464-A.

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