Section 494:7

    494:7 Organization of Council; Expenses. – The council shall elect a chairperson and a vice chairperson from among its members. The council shall appoint an executive director who shall be qualified by reason of education and experience and who shall serve at the pleasure of the council. The executive director's annual salary shall be that prescribed by RSA 94:1-a. The executive director shall serve as a secretary when the council is meeting. The council may make all necessary rules and regulations for its own procedures and the conduct of its meetings. The meetings of the council shall be held in compliance with the provisions of RSA 91-A, the right-to-know law. Members of the council shall receive no compensation for their services, but shall be allowed their actual expenses while attending to the business of the council, and the council shall be allowed its expenses to be paid out of any funds appropriated for that purpose.

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