Chapter 495

Section 495:1

    495:1 Statements to Judges. – No judge, justice, magistrate, county commissioner or commissioners in whose court or before whom any suit at law or in equity, petition or other proceeding is pending or to be heard or tried shall listen to any statements in regard thereto, except in open court or in the presence of all parties thereto.

Source. 1874, 100:1. GL 211:9. PS 207:10. PL 319:9. RL 373:9.

Section 495:2

    495:2 Contempt. – Any person who shall make any statements in regard to the merits of any such cause, suit or proceeding to any judge, justice, magistrate or county commissioner, except in open court or in the presence of all parties, shall be deemed guilty of contempt and shall be fined not more than $50.

Source. 1874, 100:2. GL 211:10. PS 207:11. PL 319:10. RL 373:10.

Section 495:3

    495:3 Statement as Ground for Continuance. – Any statement provided for in RSA 495:2, if made by a party to the suit or proceeding, shall be the ground for a continuance thereof, with costs.

Source. 1874, 100:3. GL 211:11. PS 207:12. PL 319:11. RL 373:11.