Section 500-A:15

    500-A:15 Compensation of Jurors. –
I. Grand and petit jurors' fees and mileage shall be paid by the state. The jurors' fees shall be $10 for each half day's attendance before a superior court; for each mile's travel to and from the place where the juror serves, mileage shall be paid at the rate of $.20 per mile, mileage to be allowed for each day's attendance when the juror is required to leave the town or city in which he resides.
II. For the purposes of this section "attendance for a half day" means attendance either at the forenoon session or at the afternoon session.
III. The clerk of the court attended shall determine whether a juror has attended for a half day. Said clerk may count travel time to reach the place where the juror serves in determining attendance of the juror, if the juror is required to travel more than 50 miles one way by the most direct route to reach the court.

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