Section 502-A:11-a

    502-A:11-a Local Regulation Enforcement. –
I. The district court shall have concurrent jurisdiction, subject to appeal, of the prosecution of any violation of a local ordinance, code, or regulation properly adopted pursuant to enabling statutes to the extent that such violation, by statute or by local ordinance, code, or regulation:
(a) Is characterized as a misdemeanor or violation within the meaning of the criminal code, in which case penalties shall be consistent with RSA 651.
(b) Is punishable by a civil penalty, in which case the penalty imposed shall in no event exceed the limits of the district court's civil damages concurrent jurisdiction as set forth in RSA 502-A:14, II.
(c) Is enforceable by local authorities through the issuance of a cease and desist order, and district court judgment upon such order, pursuant to RSA 676:17-a.
II. This section shall not be construed to diminish the jurisdiction of the superior court to hear and decide matters in which municipalities seek to enforce local ordinances, codes, or regulations through equitable or other relief.
III. The jurisdiction conferred by this section shall include the procedure for local land use citations and pleas by mail, as provided by RSA 676:17-b, for any offense encompassed by RSA 676:17, and within the limits of paragraph I of this section.

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