Section 502-A:15

    502-A:15 Jury Trial. – In cases in which the damages claimed exceed $1,500 or the title to real estate is involved, if the defendant, upon the entry of any action for damages under RSA 502-A:14, II or II-a, within 7 days of the return date of the action or within such additional time as the district court for good cause may allow, files a written request for trial by jury, the cause shall be at once transferred to the superior court for the county or judicial region in which the court is located, to be heard and tried as if originally entered in the transferee court. The original entry fee and cost of transferring the action shall be paid by the moving party but shall be recoverable as costs if the moving party prevails in the action. If, after transfer for trial by jury, the moving party waives the right to jury trial, the cause shall at once be remanded to the district court of original jurisdiction.

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