Section 502-A:2

    502-A:2 Sessions in Towns Within District. –
I. The purpose of the establishment of this system of district courts is to provide the minimum number of courts which will adequately serve the convenience of the public, both transient and permanent residents of this state. To accomplish this purpose, districts must serve certain towns within their district having regard for the parties, the seasonal influx of population in certain areas, and such other considerations as the expeditious and effective administration of justice may require. In addition to the regular sessions which are required to be held in various districts under the provisions of this chapter, or in replacement of a portion of regular sessions, the justice or special justice of each district shall hold special sessions as may best serve the convenience of the communities within their district, provided, however, that no such special session shall be held in any building which does not meet the minimum standards prescribed by the New Hampshire court accreditation commission pursuant to RSA 490:5-c.
II. The administrative judge of the circuit court established in RSA 490-F shall have the authority to and shall, on an annual basis, establish the number of court sessions and the hours and days of operation required for each district court. The administrative judge shall consider the convenience of each court's users, caseload, resources, and security. Each court shall submit a plan for flexible scheduling to the administrative judge that meets the needs of the community served by that court which may include evening, early morning, and/or weekend sessions and other alternative sessions. In evaluating the community need for alternative sessions, the administrative judge and local courts shall evaluate separately civil suits, small claims, order of notice, motor vehicle matters, and criminal cases to determine the needs of the community.
III. Any plan developed and instituted under paragraphs I and II shall not necessitate additional local expenditures by any political subdivision in accordance with part I, article 28-a of the New Hampshire constitution.

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