Fees in District Courts

Section 502-A:28

    502-A:28 District Court Fees. –
I. Fees as established by the supreme court under RSA 490:26-a shall be paid to the clerk of each applicable circuit court established in RSA 490-F for the benefit of the state.
II. The clerk shall set aside 6 percent of each entry fee paid into the court for deposit into a special escrow account established under RSA 490:26-c and 30 percent of each entry fee paid into the court for deposit into the judicial branch information technology fund established under RSA 490:26-h. The proceeds of fees for motions to appear in court pro hac vice shall be paid into the law library revolving fund established in RSA 490:25, III.
III. The sum of $10 shall be added to each entry fee collected in the district courts for civil writs and shall be deposited in the mediation and arbitration fund established under RSA 490-E:4. Costs of the civil writ mediation program in the district courts shall be paid from this fund. The following shall apply to the civil writ mediation program in the district courts:
(a) Participation in the mediation session shall not be mandated by the court;
(b) Mediation reports and proceedings shall not be released to any judge or other officers of the court who may later decide or rule on the case without the written consent of all parties participating in the mediation; and
(c) Statements made during mediation sessions by the parties or their counsel shall not be considered competent or admissible evidence for any purpose during any subsequent proceedings in that case or any other civil or administrative proceeding.

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