Section 502-A:8

    502-A:8 Duties of Clerks; Disposition of Fines. –
I. The clerk of the applicable circuit court established in RSA 490-F shall receive all fines and forfeitures paid into the district court from any source. The clerk of any circuit court may accept payment of the fine by credit card in lieu of cash payment. Any transaction costs assessed by the issuer of the credit card shall be paid out of the portion of the fine amount which is deposited with the treasurer and not out of the penalty assessment charged by a district court. The clerk shall forward fines collected for violations of title XXI to the treasurer for deposit in the highway fund and fines collected for violations of title LXII and all other statutes to the treasurer for deposit in the general fund within 14 days. The clerk shall separately indicate which fines were for violations of title XXI. Fines and forfeitures collected by the clerk for violations of municipal ordinances, codes, or regulations, except those adopted pursuant to RSA 31:39, I(g); RSA 41:11; RSA 47:17, IV, VI, VII, or VIII; and RSA 105:6 and RSA 105:7, shall be remitted monthly to the treasurer of the municipality prosecuting said violations, for the use of the municipality. All expenses related to the processing of parking violations and the administrative collection of parking fines shall be the responsibility of the local unit of government, and all fines collected shall be retained in their entirety by the local unit of government.
II. Nothing in this section shall prevent the court from transferring the collection of fines to a centralized location. Any fines collected by the central location shall be distributed as indicated in paragraph I. References to duties and responsibilities of clerks contained in paragraph I shall be deemed to include the central fine collection center as appropriate.

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