Section 505:11

    505:11 Distribution of Court Reports. – The reporter shall, unless otherwise directed by the chief justice of the supreme court, send one copy of the court reports to each of the following officers and bodies: Justices and clerks of the supreme and superior courts, the office of clerk in each county, state reporter, each free public library established under the laws of the state, the department of justice, the clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States, the Library of Congress at Washington, the judge and clerk of the District Court of the United States for the District of New Hampshire, and the state library of each state of the United States with which the New Hampshire law library or state library maintains an exchange agreement covering court reports. The residue may be drawn upon by the law library or the state library for their own use or for additional exchange agreements. The law library or state library may recover all sets and/or partial sets of court reports located within those towns closing their free public libraries or desiring to dispose of court reports furnished under this section. The law library or state library may establish full sets in public libraries open daily agreeing to make them available to all the people in the geographic area. The reclaimed sets shall be placed in the stock held by the reporter.

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