Section 540:14

    540:14 Judgment. –
I. If the defendant makes default, or if on trial it is considered by the court that the plaintiff has sustained its complaint, judgment shall be rendered that the plaintiff recover possession of the demanded premises and costs, and a writ of possession shall issue. In cases based on nonpayment of rent, the court shall state the actual amount of the tenant's current weekly rent or, if rent is not paid on a weekly basis, the equivalent weekly rent amount, which must be paid into the court if an appeal is taken pursuant to RSA 540:20 and 540:25. The judgment may be enforced, at the sole discretion of the plaintiff, either by directing the sheriff to serve the writ of possession or by seeking judicial relief against the defendant for civil contempt. A writ of possession shall authorize the sheriff to remove the defendant from the premises.
II. Whenever the tenant successfully raises the defense of retaliation pursuant to RSA 540:13-a, damages of not more than 3 months' rent may be awarded to the tenant.
III. If the plaintiff makes a successful claim for unpaid rent as well as possession, or the defendant makes a successful counterclaim, the court shall issue a money judgment at the same time that it makes its ruling regarding possession of the premises.
IV. If the court renders judgment against any one tenant or member of a multiperson household pursuant to RSA 540:2, VII(d), the court shall specify in its order that the writ of possession shall only be used to remove the tenant or household member against whom the judgment issued, and that the other tenants or household members may remain in residence.

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