By Official Ballot

Section 669:24

    669:24 Paper, Uniformity, Endorsement. – The ballots shall be printed on plain white paper, in weight not less than that of ordinary printing paper; provided, however, that if more than one ballot is used during any town election, each ballot shall be of a different color than any other ballot used at the election. There shall be no impression or mark to distinguish one ballot from another. The names of all candidates shall be printed in uniform type and the ballots shall be folded so that their width and length when folded shall be uniform. On the back, or at the top of the face, of each ballot shall be printed the words "Official Ballot for the Town of __________," the date of the election, and a facsimile of the signature of the town clerk who prepared the ballot. For ballots transmitted electronically, the words "Official Ballot for the Town of __________" shall be located at the top of the face of the ballot.

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