Section 669:32

    669:32 Board of Recount. – At the time and place so appointed and notified, the clerk shall publicly break the seal of and open the package in which the ballots of said election are kept; and, thereupon, said ballots shall be recounted by the clerk, the moderator, and the selectmen of said town who shall constitute the board of recount. When counting the ballots, the board of recount or their assistants shall visually inspect each ballot. No mechanical, optical, or electronic device shall be used for the counting of ballots. Any member of the board of recount who is one of the candidates for the office being recounted shall disqualify himself or herself from the board of recount for all official duties of said board. The moderator shall appoint an assistant who shall take the same oath as, serve in the same capacity as, and have all the powers of the recount official whom he or she has replaced.

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