Section 79:12

    79:12 Doomage. – If an owner neglects or fails to file a report of cut pursuant to RSA 79:11, unless the time is extended by the assessing officials because of accident, mistake or misfortune to a date not later than the following June 1, or willfully makes any false statement in a notice of intent to cut, or a report of cut, or willfully files a report of cut that does not contain a true and correct statement of the amount of wood or timber cut, or has willfully omitted to give any information required by a report of cut, the assessing officials shall ascertain, in such way as they may be able, and as nearly as practicable, the volume and stumpage value of the wood and timber for which such owner is taxable, and shall assess to such owner, by way of doomage 2 times as much as such wood and timber would have been taxed had such report been seasonably filed and truly reported. Such doomage shall be collected by the tax collector in the usual manner and paid over to the town treasurer for use of the town.

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