Section 91-A:7-c

[RSA 91-A:7-c repealed by 2022, 250:6, effective July 1, 2025.]
    91-A:7-c Appeal and Enforcement. –
I. Any party may appeal the ombudsman's final ruling to the superior court by filing a notice of appeal in superior court no more than 30 calendar days after the ombudsman's ruling is issued. The ombudsman's ruling shall be attached to the document initiating the appeal, admitted as a full exhibit by the superior court, considered by the judge during deliberations, and specifically addressed in the court's written order. Citizen-initiated appeals shall have no filing fee or surcharge. The public body or public agency shall pay the sheriff's service costs if the public body or public agency, or its attorney, declines to accept service. Nothing in this section shall prevent a superior court from staying an ombudsman's decision pending appeal to the superior court.
II. On appeal, the superior court shall treat all factual findings of the ombudsman as prima facie lawful and reasonable, and shall not set them aside, absent errors of law, unless it is persuaded by a balance of probabilities on the evidence before it that the ombudsman's decision is unreasonable.
III. If the ombudsman's final ruling is not appealed, the ombudsman shall, after the deadline has passed, follow up with all parties, as required, to verify compliance with rulings issued.
IV. The ombudsman's final rulings which are not appealed may be registered in the superior court as judgments and enforceable through contempt of court. If such action is necessary to enforce compliance, all costs and fees, including reasonable attorney fees, shall be paid by the noncompliant public body or public agency.

Source. 2022, 250:3, eff. July 1, 2022.