Removal of Abandoned Vehicles by State Police

Section 106-B:26

    106-B:26 Applicability. –
I. This subdivision shall apply to the enforcement of provisions of the motor vehicle laws by the state police, including clearing roads and entrances of stolen, unregistered, illegally parked, disabled or abandoned vehicles, vehicles involved in accidents or crimes or other situations, regarding the removal, storage, and release of such vehicles towed and transported by wreckers, towing, and emergency road service organizations in a fair and equitable manner, upon request of the division of state police:
(a) In response to requests from owners or custodians of vehicles that have encountered mechanical problems that rendered them inoperable or unsafe to be driven;
(b) In response to requests from a state trooper when a vehicle has been abandoned on private property without consent of the property owner;
(c) When a vehicle is found obstructing the passage of vehicles from a public street or highway onto the driveway of such private property or public building;
(d) When a vehicle was involved in a traffic accident or crime or its driver is incapacitated or under arrest, or is without a valid driver 's license;
(e) When a vehicle is interfering with snow removal or highway maintenance;
(f) When a vehicle has been left unattended within a state-owned park and ride facility for a period greater than 21 days; or
(g) When a vehicle is without proper registration or apparently unsafe to be driven.
II. Nothing in this subdivision shall restrict the authority of town and city law enforcement agencies to enforce relevant state statutes, to enact local bylaws or ordinances not in conflict with any state law or administrative rule regarding the clearance of disabled, abandoned, illegally parked, unregistered, or stolen vehicles or vehicles involved in crimes or collisions in areas where the local police have sole or shared jurisdiction with state police, or to enter into contractual agreements with tow companies for the removal of vehicles at the request of local authorities.

Source. 2021, 204:2, Pt. II, Sec. 2, eff. Oct. 9, 2021.