Section 106-H:3

    106-H:3 Commission Established. –
I. (a) There is hereby established an enhanced 911 commission consisting of 19 members, including the director of the division of fire standards and training and emergency medical services or designee, the commissioner of the department of energy or designee, the commissioner of the department of safety or designee, a public member, a police officer experienced in responding to emergency calls, a representative of the disabled community, and one active member recommended by each of the following organizations, nominated by the governor with the approval of the council:
(1) Fairpoint.
(2) New Hampshire Association of Fire Chiefs.
(3) New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police.
(4) New Hampshire Federation of Fire Mutual Aids.
(5) New Hampshire Municipal Association.
(6) New Hampshire Sheriffs Association.
(7) New Hampshire Telephone Association.
(8) New England Cable Telecommunications Association.
(9) The commissioner of the department of administrative services, or designee.
(10) A representative of the mobile telecommunications carriers industry.
(11) A representative of the Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire.
(12) A representative of the New Hampshire Emergency Dispatchers Association.
(13) Comcast.
(b) The director of the division of emergency services and communications shall oversee the administration of enhanced 911 services.
II. Members of the commission shall initially be appointed for terms of one, 2 and 3 years; thereafter members shall be appointed to serve 3-year terms. In the event of a vacancy, a replacement shall be appointed for the remaining term. No member shall serve beyond the time he ceases to hold the office, employment or membership which qualified him for appointment to the commission.
III. Members of the commission shall serve without compensation but shall be entitled to receive reimbursement for any actual expenses incurred as a necessary incident to such service.
IV. Members shall annually elect from among themselves a person to serve as commission chairman and another to serve as commission vice-chairman. The commission shall hold no fewer than 4 regular meetings a year at such times and places as the chairman shall fix, either on his own motion or upon written request of any 4 members.

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