Section 141-C:11

    141-C:11 Isolation and Quarantine. –
I. Whenever it is necessary to prevent the introduction or spread of communicable diseases within this state or from another state, or to restrict such diseases if introduced, and when such communicable diseases pose a substantial threat to the health and life of the citizenry, the commissioner shall establish isolation or quarantine for persons who are cases or carriers, or suspected cases or carriers of communicable diseases, and establish quarantine for commodities, conveyances, baggage and cargo that are carriers or suspected carriers of the communicable diseases by written order prepared in accordance with RSA 141-C:12. Such isolation or quarantine shall be by the least restrictive means necessary to protect the citizenry which, in the case of an individual, shall be at a place of his or her choosing unless the commissioner determines such place to be impractical or unlikely to adequately protect the public health. The commissioner shall adopt such rules regarding the establishment, maintenance and lifting of isolation and quarantine as the commissioner may deem best for protecting the health of the public.
II. When a conveyance, operator, crew, passenger, baggage, cargo or commodity is placed in isolation or quarantine, the owners, consignees, assignees and operators shall submit to such investigations as authorized by RSA 141-C:9, I, regarding any circumstance or event concerning the health of the operator, crew, passengers and the sanitary condition of the conveyance, baggage, cargo or commodity. The operator, crew and passengers shall submit to such examinations, as authorized by RSA 141-C:9, II, as the commissioner may determine appropriate.
III. The commissioner may, in ordering isolation or quarantine of persons, require that treatment be obtained in accordance with rules adopted under RSA 141-C:15.
IV. The order of quarantine for commodities, conveyances, baggage and cargo may require, as a condition for lifting the quarantine, that decontamination be performed. The commissioner shall adopt such rules pursuant to RSA 541-A as are necessary for the performance of decontamination.

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