Section 141-C:12

    141-C:12 Orders. –
I. The commissioner, in imposing isolation and quarantine under RSA 141-C:11, in requiring treatment under RSA 141-C:15, or in excluding children under RSA 141-C:20-d, shall do so by written order. The order shall include, as appropriate, the following information:
(a) The cause of the quarantine or isolation.
(b) The location of quarantine or isolation.
(c) When appropriate, that decontamination be performed on commodities, conveyances, baggage and cargo.
(d) When treatment is required as part of the order, where such treatment is available and, if applicable, what effect the receipt of treatment may have on the conditions of isolation and quarantine.
(e) The period of duration of isolation or quarantine.
(f) The commissioner's signature.
(g) The reason and length of time for the exclusion of children from schools and child care facilities.
II. Orders issued under this section shall be complied with immediately.
III. When an individual subject to an order for isolation or quarantine refuses to cooperate with such order, the commissioner may issue a complaint, which shall be sworn to before a justice of the peace. Such complaint shall set forth the reasons for the order imposing isolation or quarantine and the place or facility where the individual shall be isolated or quarantined. Upon being presented with such an order, any law enforcement officer shall take such individual into custody and transport the individual to the place or facility where the individual is to be isolated or quarantined.

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