Section 141-H:1

    141-H:1 Definitions. –
In this chapter:
I. "Disability income insurance" means insurance intended to protect against loss of occupational earning capacity arising from injury, sickness, or disablement, including insurance that provides benefits for overhead expenses or purchase of a business or profession when the insured becomes disabled.
II. "Employment" means work performed by an employee for an employer for remuneration.
III. "Employment agency" has the meaning given in RSA 354-A:2, VIII.
IV. "Genetic testing" means a test, examination, or analysis which is generally accepted in the scientific and medical communities for the purpose of identifying the presence, absence, or alteration of any gene or chromosome, and any report, interpretation, or evaluation of such a test, examination, or analysis, but excludes any otherwise lawful test, examination, or analysis that is undertaken for the purpose of determining whether an individual meets reasonable functional standards for a specific job or task.
V. "Health insurance" means any arrangement with any entity which pays medical claims on behalf of an individual, an employee, or dependents, including any such arrangement evidenced by a hospital or medical policy or certificate, hospital or medical service plan or contract, or health maintenance organization group or individual subscriber contract, or self insurance plan or contract, or other evidence of coverage, except for the purposes of this chapter, "health insurance" shall not mean life, disability income, or long-term care insurance.
VI. "Individual" means a human being.
VII. "Labor organization" has the meaning given in RSA 354-A:2, X.
VIII. "Licensing agency" means a unit of government which is authorized to grant, deny, renew, revoke, suspend, annul, withdraw, or amend an occupation license.
IX. "Life insurance" means insurance in which the risk contemplated is the death of a particular individual upon which event the insurer pays a stipulated sum, or the type of insurance defined in RSA 401:1, III.
X. "Long-term care insurance" means the types of insurance defined in RSA 415-D:3, V.
XI. "Person" includes a human being, an association or organization, a trust, corporation, and partnership.

Source. 1995, 101:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1996.