Section 147:1

    147:1 Local Regulations. –
I. The health officers of towns may make regulations for the prevention and removal of nuisances, and such other regulations relating to the public health as in their judgment the health and safety of the people require, which shall take effect when approved by the selectmen, recorded by the town clerk, and published in some newspaper printed in the town, or when copies thereof have been posted in 2 or more public places in the town.
II. The health officers of towns may make regulations relative to the sanitary and health conditions for issuing a license to restaurants or other food serving establishments operating within the town limits, subject to the approval of the commissioner of the department of health and human services.
(a) Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary or other licensing authority, any restaurant or other food serving establishment found to be in violation of the sanitary and health code adopted may be closed without a hearing for a 10-day period or until the violation is corrected and the sanitary condition is approved by the local health officer.
(b) If the sanitary or health violations are not corrected within the 10-day period, the local health officer may suspend the license to operate the restaurant or other food serving establishment after notice and hearing.
III. Any person wilfully violating such regulations shall be guilty of a violation. Such health officers shall forward, when issued, copies of all regulations made by them to the department of health and human services and furnish it such information concerning their work as may be requested. They shall be paid by the town a reasonable compensation for their services and all expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duty; and the selectmen are required to advance them such sums as may be necessary, of which and of all their receipts and disbursements they shall, before each annual town meeting, render an account to the selectmen, to be laid before the town.

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