Section 179:19

    179:19 Entertainment and Entertainers. –
I. In this section:
(a) "Dancer" means a person or a group of people who, with or without compensation, move their feet, or body, or both, to the accompaniment of music in a premises approved to sell alcoholic beverages. "Dancer" shall not be construed to mean a person or group of individuals who perform dances based upon ethnic, cultural, or historical customs.
(b) "Entertainer" means a person who, with or without compensation, performs in a premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. "Entertainer" shall not include a "dancer" as defined under subparagraph I(a).
II. On-premises licensees may provide entertainment and dancing, in clearly defined areas on their licensed premises, provided they have received written authorization by the town or city and they have provided the commission with a copy of that authorization. A cover charge may be assessed to cover the cost of live entertainment. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, paragraph III shall not be construed to permit a person under the age of majority to perform, paid or unpaid, as a dancer in any licensed premise.
III. No person licensed to sell liquor or beverage under RSA 178 may employ as an entertainer any person who is under 17 years of age in a cocktail lounge where liquor or beverages are sold.
IV. [Repealed.]
V. On-premises or off-premises licensees may install amusement machines on their premises. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed in any way to limit the powers of municipalities under RSA 31:41-d to adopt bylaws relative to licensing amusement machines and to determining the number, location, and types of machines allowed in the municipality.
VI. Licensees shall not allow gambling or wagering on their premises.
VII. The use of darts shall be allowed in clearly defined areas.

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